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Scarecrow Woody

99% success guarantee

The SCARECROW product family

        sets a new benchmark in the field of electronic defense against pests.


The most modern technologies in terms of frequency modulation options ensure efficient and, above all, sustainable use in the defense of woodpeckers, without damaging them. to injure or impair health.


The electronic woodpecker repellent device was specifically designed for use

developed on house facades.


The frequency modulation of

20-23 kHz is in the ultrasonic range and is not perceptible to normally sensitive human hearing.


Woodpeckers or related animals find these sounds extremely annoying and begin to avoid these areas exposed to sound.


Thanks to the differently modulated frequency, a habituation effect is completely eliminated and guarantees you a pleasant night's sleep and therefore a safe investment.

Ultrasonic "BALCO"


Scarecrow's "BALCO"  uses frequencies that are imperceptible to human hearing to provide sound to the areas affected by pigeons.


These frequencies represent such an impairment to the pigeons' surroundings that they will be avoided in the future.


To ensure lasting protection, it is recommended to leave the device switched on at all times.

The pigeon defense system for your balcony

95% success guarantee


Woody stop

75% success guarantee

The woodpecker dummy "Woody Stop" signals to all other members of the species that this territory is already occupied.



Size: 250 x 130mm (approx. original size)

Weight: 22g

Material: Polycarbonate printed on both sides



Woodpeckers are not flock birds, rather selfish and stubborn - typical loners.

They usually live individually or in pairs in forests, tree plants and gardens. They have a territory and do not tolerate intruders.

Hatched young woodpeckers fledge after 20 - 23 days and then have to find their own territories

Scarecrow Liquid

Scarecrow Liquid

Scarecrow Liquid against birds on balconies, window sills, wall ledges etc.

drives pigeons and other bird species away from the areas to be protected without harming them

Product safety

Contains sensitizing substances. Can cause allergic reactions. Always read product information before use.

Use carefully.

Scarecrow Liquid
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