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Woodpeckers are not flock birds, rather selfish and stubborn - typical loners.

They usually live singly or in pairs in forests,

Tree plantings and gardens.

They occupy a territory and do not tolerate intruders.


Hatched young woodpeckers fledge after 20 - 23 days and then have to find their own territories.

SET “Woody STOP” 4 pcs.

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  • Product description

    The woodpecker dummy “Woody Stop” signals to all other members of the species that this territory is already occupied.


    Description : 

    Size: 250 x 130mm (approx. original size)

    Weight: 22g

    Material: Polycarbonate printed on both sides



    Installation: using special dowels for thermal insulation facades including stainless steel screw (included in delivery)

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