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This beautiful sticker set contains 5 bird silhouettes in different sizes to protect against bird strikes on a DIN A4 sheet.

Protect birds from serious injuries and protect windows from possible glass breakage.

Every year countless birds die by flying into window panes and glass fronts. The stickers, designed as silhouettes of birds of prey, portray danger to the birds through natural enemies. As a result, they retreat to safety.

Help protect - with these stickers!

The sizes of the birds are:

1 piece of 28 x 9 cm each
1 piece of 12 x 11.5 cm each
1 piece of 17.5 x 6 cm each
1 piece of 9 x 6 cm each
1 piece of 17 x 5 cm each
Scope of delivery:

illustrated instructions


Effective protection against bird strikes - protects birds from injuries and avoids glass breakage

  • Quick and easy to install - best grip on windows, glass and smooth surfaces
  • Made from self-adhesive vinyl film - available in over 30 colors

Scarecrow "warning birds" window protection

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