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Raven "standing"

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  • The sight of ravens/crows triggers natural flight behavior in pigeons. This is innate and weaker birds have developed over time. This escape reflex only benefits us. 
    Because with this original replica you can fool almost every pigeon. The plastic dummy is made of high-quality plastic, is weatherproof, effective and inexpensive.

    With this dummy you will receive a stand and a mounting rod with which you can easily place the pigeon deterrent on a windowsill, balcony, terrace, property, in an allotment or in a flower box.

    With this pigeon repellent you can drive away the pests in a completely natural way. 
    Many pigeon lovers accept the wild pigeons, but you certainly don't want bird droppings in the garden or on the terrace. Pigeon droppings from feral pigeons permanently ruin sandstone, stucco, timber frames and other materials due to the nitric acid contained in the droppings. 
    This damage to buildings can often only be repaired at high cost or cannot be reversed at all.
    Pigeon droppings are also an ideal breeding ground for other vermin. Pigeons are carriers of meningitis caused by ticks, hosts of fleas and mites (allergies).

     The noise pollution caused by the cooing and the approach and departure can also become detrimental in the long run.

    Plenty of shelter, nesting opportunities and a wide range of food attract pigeons to our home

    Product description from the manufacturer
    Raven with stick and feet

    made of shatterproof plastic
    for the decorative design of the garden pond or the bank landscape
    Height 38 cm

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